As soon as the hotel and restaurant ‘Al Giardinetto’, located in Colle Umberto in the province of Treviso, contacted us for the renovation of specific areas, the main goal was clear to everyone: combining design and functionality. Our customers were looking for a new dining room with a sharp contrast between colors and materials; in order to satisfy their request the urban style characterized by a chic New York soul turned out to be ideal. In order to rapidly obtain the desired outcome, Clip Up System® was certainly the best solution as well as the combination with the Xilema® Line. The union between the furniture and the perfectly mixed materials created a functional, well-organized and glamour guest room. A hall which kept untouched the beauty of a noble and natural material like the wood, in which trend furniture has been added. 

For such environments, laying our patented Clip Up System® 16mm thick was a careful selection, considered the fact we are dealing with areas subjected to great traffic. In case of need, in fact, removing a board or portion of floor will be easy and fast and will not damage the usage of the common space. 

For this indoor location hosting about 50 guests we laid a natural, undyed, light and bright parquet contrasting the dark walls and wall coatings in the breakfast area. 

The wood of the Xilema® Line used for the flooring was also used to create our tables in the room, perfectly inserted in the project and allowing the creation of a total look concept. 

Is there a better way to reuse naturally fallen or lifeless trees if not this one? 

Furthermore, areas of the structure dedicated to people with reduced mobility were also renovated with our parquet and the resulting atmosphere perfectly blends with the harmony of the hotel, surrounded by the vineyards with a view of the Prealps. 

To take a look at this wonderful realization, scroll through the photos below

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