With Kering, Clip Up System® wears the style!


Many companies are headquartered in Milan, Italian city famous for fashion, architecture and design. Among them also Kering, an international group very well known in the luxury world. 
Kering manages the development of many maison renowned in the fashion, leatherwear and jewelry world. Among those: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Pomellato and Kering Eyewear.

This year, in the field office, 8.000 sm of Oak colored Praga have been posed with Clip Up System® in order to top several facilities, from the first to the eight floor. The main goal was to have both a fully inspectable and valuable product, able to be located in such an international context.

The warm shade selected was certainly able to provide the environment with a fine and fancy appearance, exactly what it is expected to be found in cosmopolitan sites like Kering’s. 
In addition, Clip Up System® managed to bring the Italian spirit, which is a key-feature of ours, within a world whose greatest celebration lies in creativity.

From the offices, the view is amazing and the choices made in the field of parquet reaffirm the sophistication of who is gifted with a creative soul, and able to make his ideas reality in a short time, thanks to his genius. 
That is what Clip Up System®is all about. It allows the substitution of selected slats in case of need or the check of the underlying flooring, in case of extraordinary maintenance. It is ecofriendly and suitable for frequently visited environments, such as big offices.

In answering to customer requirements, especially if belonging to a world where the time at disposal is never enough, Garbelotto has introduced the innovative product, patented by us. Clip Up System® is the ideal laying system to reduce the makeover timing within a working structure.

Thanks to the stainless steel clips and the practicality of positioning the wooden boards, Kering offices developed shortly a whole new look.
Once the floor was completed, the client and the layer confirmed the accuracy of all the features of the parquet performed with Clip Up System® by Garbelotto.

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