The wooden floor laying with Clip Up System® does not require the use of glue and magnets, avoiding harmful emissions and magnetic fields.

NO glue

The wooden floor with no glues allows a faster, clean, practical and economic laying procedure.


Clip Up System® is easy to uplift. Inspecting any situation below the wooden floor will be very easy.

Made in Italy

Clip Up System® does not require the use of glues or magnets, so there will be neither harmful emissions nor magnetic fields.

Customizable and in different wood species

it is a completely customizable system, you may choose among many available wood species, endless colorings and several surface finishing.

Raised and floating floors

Perfect for floors provided with technical wires below the surface.


“A board or a couple of them have been damaged? Less than 40 seconds is what you need to replace a single wooden board.

Underfloor heating

The laying is possible even in cases where underfloor heating and cooling are installed.

Easy removal

A suction cap is everything you need to lift the boards, releasing them from the underlying clips.

Fast laying

Laying a new wooden floor or substituting a part of it will be very fast thanks to its laying practicality.


After the laying, you can easily walk on the wooden floor.

NO tools

A hammer, a hacksaw and a skilled certified installer will be sufficient.

High traffic areas

The wooden floor laid with Clip Up System is indicated also on areas subjected to intense traffic.

Preserve the under-laying floor

The clips are not fixed to the under- laying floor preserving any kind of surface.


What if I move? You can remove your parquet and move it with you.

Recycle and disposal

Once it is time to get rid of it, the floor is not considered a special waste, hence reducing costs and recycle and disposal costs.


Carrying out the tests required by the European Norm UNI EN ISO 717- 2:2013, specific specialized institutions demonstrated that Clip Up System® has reached outstanding results: 19 db with the mat, and 15 db without.

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