Clip Up System® is easy to be removed. Therefore, controlling any situation under the parquet and intervening will be really easy.


Is there a plank or a floor portion damaged? It will take less than 40 seconds to replace a single board!

Suitable for underfloor heating

Its laying is also possible where underfloor heating systems are used.


Clip Up System® does not require the use of glues or magnets, so there will be neither harmful emissions nor magnetic fields.

Suitable for high traffic areas

Clip Up System® is also advisable for high traffic spaces.

Fast Laying

Laying a new wooden floor or replacing a part of it will be very fast, time will be optimized and the floor could be stepped immediately.

Reusable Clips and Floor

“What if I move house?”
Just like a work of art or a piece of furniture that you are particularly fond of, you can remove your wooden floor and take it with you! Boards and clips are easily reusable.

No Tools

Just an ordinary hammer, a hacksaw, and the skills of a specialized installer are enough to lay Clip Up System®.

Easy to remove

You will need only a simple sucker to lift the planks and to unhook them from the underlying clips.

Customizable Product

Clip Up System® is a fully customizable system: you can choose from a wide variety of wooden species, infinite colors and several surface finishes to have the perfect parquet for your every need.

Made in Italy

The entire cycle of production of the Clip Up System® material is carried out in our factories in the province of Treviso.
At any time we are able to intervene to customize the parquet, according to our client’s requests, since we control every step of the production.

Ideal for renovation

Clip Up System® is a perfect solution in case of renovation because it optimizes the installation time. The wooden floor is immediately walkable and the rooms can be furnished right away.

Recommended for raised and floating floors

Clip Up System® is perfect for raised floors where, under the walkable surface, there is a space dedicated to the housing of technical systems.


Clip Up System® is an installation system absolutely unique, designed by Parchettificio Garbelotto, which allows the replacement of a single table or an entire portion of the floor. An innovative patented laying system.

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