Parchettificio Garbelotto patented the Clip Up System®, which not only avoids the problem of expansion joints, but also allows keeping boards together with no glues, magnetic systems or other harmful and un-ecofriendly bindings.

Every board of the Garbelotto parquet presents a lengthwise milling, which allows the insertion of a clip. The assembling is very easy and consists in laying the clips on the subfloor that has to be flat and suitable for wooden floor installations and by pinning the slats with a little pressure downwards.

Such technique allows also the easy removal of the boards, with the help of a suction cup: the replacement of a worn out board takes about 40 seconds.
The advantages of Clip Up System® are many: it is perfect for floating floors laid on heating installations, private houses, stores, restaurants or stands. In case of moving, the floor may be dismantled and reinstalled, with the new laying requiring only a hammer and a hacksaw.

Other than guaranteeing high stability, Clip Up System® offers a rapid laying and makes the floor walkable right afterwards.

What are the expansion joints and how do they work?
The expansion joints represent the element of connection between two paving areas and their functionality is that of absorbing the contractions and expansions due to thermo-hygrometric variations.

There are two types of expansion joints: the perimetrical space and the intermediate joints.
In the former case, a gap is left along the perimeter of a room between the wall and flooring, which will later be covered by the baseboards.

In the latter case, joints are lines dividing two environments. In the case of parquet, the empty space left between elements is hidden with conjunction outlines, namely varnished metal profiles according to the chosen finishing.

The flooring, regardless of the material of which is composed of, is subjected over the seasons to thermal shocks consisting of volume expansion or retraction. Indulging such physical variations is necessary in order to avoid the damaging and deformation of the laid material.

As far as wooden floors are concerned, the laying of the boards must be interrupted at least every 30 sqm to avoid floor lifting, caused by its expansion. This means that in spacious environment, conjunction outlines must be inserted also in the middle of the room. The same happens with long hallways, where the laying may not exceed 8/10 meters with no interruptions. The standard UNI 11368:2 provides more precise and detailed information.

Choosing of laying Clip Up System® allows to avoid intermediary joints and to enjoy the beauty of the wood with a smart laying system. So handy!