Clip up system® for the third time with Mobilificio Sangiacomo! 


A wengé-stained oak wooden floor with brushed and water-finished surface is the choice of Mobilificio Sangiacomo. In order to partecipate to several international events such as Salone del Mobile in Milan and Köln, the Mobilificio chose our Clip Up System® for the stand flooring. The choice concerned a dark and elegant shade, which made the exhibition space absolutely fine and sophisticated, also thanks to the furniture design. 

Thanks to Clip Up System® and its innovative laying system which allows to remove and reposition every single board or part of the floor, our parquet is able to follow its owner everywhere and, as in this case, to be reused and relocated multiple times. It’s a flooring that is able to adjust to every situation with no problems during the removal. 

The 800sqm of parquet within the Mobilificio Sangiacomo stand looked like ‘just laid’, and this highlights another characteristic of Clip Up System®: the absolute resistance to high traffic areas. This element makes our laying system the ideal solution for working and exhibition spaces. These places are subjected to frequent foot traffic and the chosen floor had to be reliable and practical. 

The absence of expansion joints is another key element, which allows to improve the resistance of the flooring. Clip Up system® does not fear in any way the high flow of visitors that were able to enjoy the atmosphere created by the design furniture perfectly combined with our parquet in a fascinating location that conquered all of them. 

Thanks to the design solutions in conformity with the current trends, the stand has been one of the most admired of the event. Prompt has also been the compliment to us and to the Sangiacomo team and that we are sure won’t miss in the next exhibition where they will take the same Clip Up System®! 

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