For those who work in the bioconstruction area, Klimahouse does not require presentations: it is simply on of the most important exhibitions in the field.

For this reason, we chose the Bolzano event to present our best solutions as far as low-cost bioconstruction is concerned.


From 23 to 26 January, we will be taking part in a prestigious exhibition with an exclusive seminar that will take place within the Klimahouse Academy. Our collaborator Paolo Coppa will explain to the audience all the secrets of the wooden floor with handcrafted finishes. The seminar will take place in two separate moments, the first one on Thursday 24 January from 3pm to 5pm and the second one on Friday 25 January from 1pm to 3pm.


The main focus of the Klimahouse Academy will be the stage where the event hosts will sequence and that will be entirely paved with walnut varnished wax effect parquet, produced by Garbelotto and laid with our exclusive Clip Up System®.


Klimahouse will be an amazing occasion to show our innovations, also thanks to the project ‘Cantieri dal vivo’, where every company will have the possibility to present its products. For such event, we have decided to surprise you running some laying simulations with professional parquet flooring fitter.


It will be a great experience that will allow us to highlight all the wooden floor qualities, aimed at realizing eco-friendly buildings, respecting the consumer health. We hope to see there!