The idea

The innovative patented laying system Clip Up System® is available on 13mm and 16mm thick. The 13mm version meets the requirements of thinner slats, suitable to coat every kind of environment. The reduced thickness is ideal also for renovations. In fact, it slightly lifts the floor level and does not require the modification of the height of the internal doors.

The clip

The new version of Clip Up System® includes the utilization of clips made of recyclable elastic polymer 1m long, developed to be flexible and adaptable to the subfloor. The clips are able to endure very high temperature, until 90°. The anchor system is similar to the one carried out with the steel clips of Clip Up System® 16mm and allows the achievement of a high dimensional stability parquet, ready to be walked on.

All wooden species and finishes may be ‘Tailor made’.

Available Colours:

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