The idea

The idea of ​​Clip Up System® 16mm was born from the desire to innovate the installation of wooden floors, with a manner that could be eco-friendly and easy to inspect. The solution was found thanks to the owner’s, Mr. Antonio Garbelotto, creative mind and infinite tests. He combined his passions for mechanical engineering and for wood creating a technology which is internationally already successful.

The clip

The secret of Clip Up System® 16mm is the harmonic stainless steel clip whose shape has been designed to allow the anchoring of the boards. The engagement takes place thanks to the milling in the multilayer support and the clip generates and maintains a high dimensional stability, either vertically and horizontally. The double-sealing system guarantees a stable and immediately walkable wooden floor. Approximately 12 clips per square meter are required.

All wood species and finishes can be "Tailor Made"

Available Colours:

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