Clip Up System® was designed by Mr. Garbelotto and later developed by our Research & Development department and presented for the first time at Cersaie 2016, and is now, after less than three years, surely the most peculiar laying system in Italy and abroad.
We took part in several occasions, where we presented and proved the real advantages of our license. To this day, we can consider ourselves satisfied of the achieved results, both for what concerns the requests received and for the beautiful creations implemented with Clip Up System®. Take a look at some of them here.

Moreover, if you would like to know more of how it is laid, you will find some useful ideas in the web page. In any case, in order to better show you our innovative laying system, we could say that the substitution of a single board is allowed in less than a minute and that it is perfect for environments subjected to high traffic areas, but its strengths are many more and to discover them all you should see it live.

For this reason and many more, you could personally test its characteristics during one of the next exhibitions or visit one of our resellers. In case you need more information about our product, the available colors and wood species, price or other curiosity to satisfy, you can contact us at

Clip Up System® is ideal both for working and private environments, considering the fact that the floor is easily inspectable and the laying and removal of single boards are really easy to carry out. Furthermore, our laying system is absolutely safe, due to the lack of glues or magnetic systems, which are guaranteed by all the certifications.

For such reasons, we are very proud of realizing everyday wooden floors, which are able to charm everyone thanks to the beauty of the material without giving up the innovation.

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