Clip up System® conquering the enchanting Parma

Parma, the city glorified by Stendhal, known to be rich in history and gastronomic tradition, is where Davines Spa is based. It is a laboratory of research and production of high quality trichological products destined to cometics companies worldwide.

Davines chose Garbelotto and the innovative Clip up System® to pave their own structure. 
In this company, the exclusive use of natural ingredients is reflected also in the internal spaces, harmonious areas that highlight the connection with raw materials traceable in nature. In the same way, we work the wood only aiming at the excellence resulting from the manufacturing of such a natural material.

Garbelotto knows the wood species employed for the realizations very well and what to suggest to their customers. For this reason, a variety of wood used in all its form was chosen to pave all the areas destined to be offices: the oak.

Starting from last june up to the beginning of the summer period of 2018, in Davines spa headquarters, 2.800 mq of dyed oak were laid.
The selected shade matches the various areas of the building enlightened by big windows.
In this place, the light filtering through the glazing confers brightness to every department, not to mention the beauty of the lying parquet highlighted by the light tones.

Moreover, the intensive search for the environmental sustainability precisely emphasizes Davines choice of adopting Clip Up System®, eco-friendly and recyclable system. Clip Up System® has another card to play; in fact, it can be completely inspected and easy to place, whilst being valuable.

Its high resistance to indentations and abrasions make it particularly suitable for this kind of working environments, subjected to a significant foot traffic and the guarantee of having relied on a speedy laying method assures quick maintenance and substitution.

Furthermore, the different nuance of oak boards are pleasing to the eye and provide warmth, leaving to enjoy every day the charm of the environments in line with Davines philosophy and with no concern related to any possible extraordinary operation thanks to Clip Up System®!

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