Replace a single parquet board?
Now you can!

Clip Up System® is the innovative patented installation system created by Parchettificio Garbelotto Research and Development Department to install wooden floor in a quick and easy way, with the possibility to substitute one or more boards in less than a minute. Entire floor sections can be replaced without any problem and without ruining the subfloor.

How it is installed

Clip Up System® installation is fast and easy. Just place the clips on the floor and with a little pressure hook them to the boards.
The clips do not need to be fixed to the laying plane and with the same simplicity the boards can be removed, allowing the reuse of both planks and clips.

How it’s done

Clip Up System® is a flexible, prefinished wooden floor, with an exclusive lengthwise milling for clip insertion.
This special joint, designed by Garbelotto designers, allows the anchoring of the parquet floor and the stability of the entire floor.

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