Tools required for laying

Clip Up System® laying is simple and fast: in addition to clips and boards, just a hammer and a hacksaw are needed.

The subfloor

The subfloor must be flat, not elastic, smooth and suitable for laying wooden floor.
Clip Up System® can be laid on screed, on existing floor, on cork mat or on the mat created by the Garbelotto Research & Development department, which works as an acoustic and vapor barrier.

The installation

It is carried out by means of harmonic stainless steel clips placed on the subfloor and with a little pressure hook them to the boards. With the same ease the boards can be removed, allowing the reuse of both planks and clips.

The removal

With Clip Up System®, you can quickly and easily replace a single board and it’s needed only a sucker to raise the damaged table and replace it.
For brushed or hand planed parquet, you just need a small screw to raise the first board, the following ones can be removed without the need of holes.

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